Raspberry Pi 2, Kodi and a Squeezeboxserver

How to create a working multimedia box with a squeezeboxserver. I tried this guide from All Things Pi, started to modify it and got something working (but don’t know how).

After numerous tries I started all over; downloaded the latest version from OSMC and logitechmediaserver and that just works

First download and install OSMC like you normally do. I used the OSMC: 2019-08-08

From the command (I use Putty) install the following packages (in the above mentioned OSMC, perl5 is already installed):

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install perl5

For some reason the 7.8.0 version doesn’t work. Remember that the nightly build filename will change.

wget https://downloads-origin.slimdevices.com/nightly/7.9/sc/8c0b325d4fc41fb19b2b9d9d265de06cbb602c39/logitechmediaserver_7.9.2~1565679430_arm.deb
sudo apt-get install ./logitechmediaserver_7.9.2~1565679430_arm.deb

I (used to) miss some packages, so with the next command this will be fixed.

sudo apt --fix-broken install

I missed a directory, so I created it manually.

sudo -u squeezeboxserver mkdir /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/templates/

And it just works!